Bird Bath


The bird bath has been busy this summer. Pat adds water to it once or twice every day and I add it when I add bird seed to the feeder. Usually there are at least 8 or more birds trying to splash enough water to get wet. The bird bath is extremely heavy and it about all I can do to handle the top part. Our daughter, Angie Lincoln Dasner gave it to us a long time ago and we have used it ever since.

September 23, 2016

I never thought about this day in history until I got here and now I don’t know what I will be thinking about. Lost to me, somewhere in my history of time, is the day I expected a meal that would be the beginning of many meals I don’t remember. I only remember that I loved the coffee I got in the Army and my favorite meal was dried beef gravy over toast. I still relish dried beef gravy and sausage gravy over toast.

We have both long and short memories: the phone number you just looked up to dial the guy who fixed the drip in the pipe under the counter in the kitchen (a short term); and the long memories like the first time I kissed Alice Jenkins; it was a clashing of teeth and neither of us swooned like the movies (a long term memory).

Bear’s Mill Pond


Bear’s Mill pond and the falls in Greenville, Ohio. The retention pond holds a lot of water and when it is full there is this falls that roars when you get close to it.



The beautiful Coopers Hawk on the birdbath watching for anything to happen. This is an immature bird but fearsome and a fantastic hunter. His eyes turn red when he is an adult hawk and his feather pattern changes from these tear drop shapes to an overall brownish pattern making it a lot easier for him to blend in.

I really don’t remember too much about all of this. I do remember being taking downtown in a car and being sent into a photo studio where a series of photographs were taken. This is one that I was able to find and was able to reproduce the poster.  I had said in the previous post that I was a lot younger when I did this show and this is me then – back in 1989.

Progressive Bee Fly


Seldom seen by myself and when I do see them they are easy to photograph as they do not scoot and fly away as fast as some of the other flies I have taken the time to photograph. 720_drone_fly_1328

The Drone Fly looks like a fat honeybee working on the flowers but closer examination reveals who he is and that he is taking the sweet stuff for himself.

My Books

You can purchase My Life as Abraham Lincoln or
get a copy of A Place to Live.

I was born in 1934. Many of the stories or essays were written about things that happened or that I remember from the War Years. Life was totally different before radio in homes and television. We had no indoor plumbing and raised most of the food in our vegetable garden. We didn’t even have an ice box or a refrigerator so we could not keep anything longer than it took to eat unless it was winter and then you could put your butter and milk outside and place a galvanized wash tub on top of it to protect it. No phone. It was a different world.