The pope

I am not Catholic. I have only been in a Catholic church once for the wedding of one of my students. I had been in a Methodist church in Gordon waiting for my turn to get in line for the local ice cream social and it had decorated glass windows paid for by the town blacksmith, original-me-church_7865Tommy Rice.

This is the original church in Gordon, Ohio—the ME (Methodist) church built in 1860 for the sum of $400.00. It was our town hall when I was growing up in town. The ME church had built a new church at the end of Perry Street and East Street and after that this one was only used as a place to go vote once or twice every few years. It was also where I went to see minstrels during WWII when I was growing up in Gordon. I remember it was filled up every night when the minstrel shows were on.

Since the shows were free, the people putting the show on stayed in tents and slept on the ground in a lot across the street during the day. That was also where a big galvanized tub was boiling over a fire and the brown liquid was ended up in corked, brown bottles, that sold for around $2.00.

I never saw a pope except on the movie screen at the James Theater in Arcanum when the Pathe News came on before the movies started. Pope Pius XII befriended Adolf Hitler and the two were shown in newsreels. I never did like Pope Pius for that reason but I do like Pope Francis a lot….not enough to become a Catholic but I think he has done more for the Catholic church than anyone. I did like Pope John but I think Francis is better.

The pope



I spend a lot of time just sitting in my chair. I see people walking by our house. Some are neighbors but most are people I have never met. My butt cheeks get tired of sitting and some moving around is eventually required. The television is either on CNN news or some other program and when a commercial comes on I flip to the other channel and skip most of the commercials. A commercial for McDonald’s new rib sandwich perked my interest because we tried them the first time they came out and liked them. And before that day ended, we had a rib sandwich. It was good but didn’t satisfy my memories of how great that first one tasted–but I ate it anyway. Pepper Jax, (our beloved Jack Russell Terrier) got a bite or two and the vet told us he has put on 2 pounds since the last visit. We were warned that it would be best for the dog if we stopped giving him snacks between meals. He still runs and chases things and sometimes catches a sparrow as it tried to fly into a bush but the dog got him on the way in. He has done that two or three times and always looks to catch a squirrel off guard. I am afraid the squirrel would bite back unless the dog knows he needs to break the squirrel’s neck before messing with it. Their teeth are sharp enough to bite through a walnut shell and that is something I am not able to do with tools. I have to break the shell with a hammer and then pick out the edible pieces. So I know squirrels are not easy pickings because they can and do bite back. Now and then I see a hawk with one toe considerably shorter than the others and imagined they had grabbed a squirrel or some other animal that bit the toe off. My driveway is a mecca for crows and squirrels, blue jays and sparrows because I toss out pieces of bread, or a handful of small pieces of dog food or some raw peanuts and if I have them I will pitch out sunflower seeds and pieces. When that happens the birds come flying in for their treats. There is one crow with a deformed leg and it has to hop around on one foot so I make sure it gets some foot as it takes a lot of energy for any bird to hop around for food and water. I am sure this crow got the foot caught in something and when it went to fly away it was caught by that foot and in panic flipped around and twisted its leg out of joint at the shoulder. As a result that leg is useless and hangs there but does not support the bird in any way. I originally thought it would wither and fall off but not yet. When Patty and I got married 60 years ago, I promised that I would retire by the time I was 40 years old. I worked at it but finally retired when I was 41 years old. The only problem with early retirement was we had no hospitalization insurance and while I children were out on their own, we knew we would have to have some insurance because my days of only taken a aspirin was about over. I didn’t know it then but I would end up taking two shot glasses filled with a mix of pills in the morning and at noon. Anyway, Patty knew things would get back so she took a job at the vocational school where I had taught and became an adult education secretary. That got us the insurance my retirement didn’t have and a burden was off our shoulders. We could use the extra income and Patty was able to start a savings account and she worked 18 years and retired with a small monthly check from the state teachers retirement program–that plus my social security had kept us going for a long time. I gave up smoking on the 15th day of March 1996 because I found I had a persistent cough and was tired for going through coughing fits. I didn’t know it then but the next day I was laying flat on my back in the hospital having my body shaved by a technician. I was then sent to the operating room where my chest was opened from my breastbone to below my belly button–my internal organs were taken out and put into plastic bags and set on the table while the doctor clamped off my aorta and slit it open and inserted a long tube made out of Dacron–smeared with placebo so my body would not reject it. That was my down payment for spending my lifetime smoking cigarettes; and getting through the surgery and the after effects was murder.


What Dog Barks Mean

What Sound Does Your Dog Make?

In your country when your dogs bark what do they say or what does it sound like?: > _______? _______?

In America “people say” that all dogs say: “Bow Wow”

Maria Verivaki says in Greece dogs say: “Warv Warv”

Alice and Claude and Nathalie said French dogs say: “Ouaf Ouaf”


Ineke said Dutch dogs say: “Waf Waf or Woef Woef”


Blognote said Italian dogs say: “Bau Bau”

Tom said said English dogs say:  “Woof Woof”

and so on…
Small City Scenes said her daughter’s American hound says: “Ba-roooo Ba-rooooo”Runee said Norwegian dogs say: “Voff Voff ”
Gramma Ann said her dog lives in Iowa and says: “Arf Arf”
Sonia A.N. said dogs in Brazil say: “Au Au Au”
Buck said dogs in Japan say: “Wan Wan”
Gudl says German dogs say: “Wau Wau”
Complex (Yahoo answers) in China said dogs say: “Won Won”
Kyun Spa said dogs in Indonesia say: “Guk Guk”
Jules said in Papua New Guinea dogs in Pidgin say: “Krai bilong dok”
Giuce said in Peru dogs say: “Guau Guau”
Salty said his dog, Sparky, says: “Bone”
Dina said dogs in Israel say: “How How”
Steven said dogs in the Philippines say: “aw aw”
Peter said dogs in Sweden say: “vov vov”
Ming said dogs in NYC say: “yelp yelp”
Sydney said dogs in Poland say: “Hau Hau or How How”

What Dog Barks Mean

The Artist


You will have to visit Abe Lincoln Blogs and read the explanation for this and that piece of art. I don’t want to write it all down again. I just wanted to show you how some people can use their talent and computer software by Corel Draw to create wonderful pieces of graphic art. Some are so good that it takes an expert to tell if it is art done on a computer or art done by an artist or art done with a camera. Click the name and go there or follow the link above. Either way, be prepared for some startling works of computer art. ► alessandraAmbrósio

The Artist