I think this white rabbit was a pet but the owner turned it loose. It is a big rabbit and it was white and probably ate a lot of whatever they had to buy to feed it. It was in front of the neighbor’s house earlier this morning and when I called it using a pursed lip squeak, it started to come but then ran around the side of the house and must be behind the neighbor’s house as I can no longer see it.


A large white rabbit has been seen in the neighborhood and this Sunday morning I found it eating some of the flowers. Seems healthy to me and probably escaped from a cage somewhere.

The Bird Bath


The bird bath weighs a ton and comes in two parts. Our daughter, Angela, gave it to us several years ago as it was too heavy and too hard to move around. We get to a spot we like and leave it. It has this Celtic knot design on it and the birds use it and the squirrels come up and drink out of it too.

Downy Woodpecker

Male Downy Woodpecker

720_121607_downey_9142.jpgFemale Downy Woodpecker. Note there is no red on head. Males have red spot.


Nurses at Good Samaritan do not know how you draw blood.

I had been in the hospital for a collapsed lung and while there I had to get stuck at least once each day to see if my blood was too think or too thick. This is the result of the nurses not being able to hit the vein. Even the head, number 1 nurse, missed it.


I used to drive this old road to get to my first job at the limestone quarry just north of the town of Lewisburg, Ohio. It was sold and the Wysong family purchased the quarry in 1981 when they turned it into Wysong Stone Company. It is a family owned and operated quarry just south of Lewisburg, Ohio on State Route 503. They specialize in all natural limestone products that they quarry and produce right here. After quarrying the rock it goes through several different processes of splitting and crushing to get the materials sold for all kinds of building, landscaping and aggregate uses. My job was to put the crushed limestone into paper bags and carry it out to a train boxcar and stack  it up. It was a hot job and where the clothes meet the body and sweat occurs is where the limestone burns the body. It is a hard job and a painful one. I didn’t know it then but my future father-in-law drove a truck in and out of the mine hauling lumps of limestone to be crushed. Another soon-to-be-relative worked on a conveyor belt picking out real stones and casting them aside before the chunks of limestone went into the stone crusher and mill.

Mt Zao

There were some mountains near Camp Sendai where I was stationed. We could see them off along the horizon and eventually found out the tallest was named Mount Zao and it was known for its many hot springs and hotels where hot springs were a featured part of the environment. People came from all over to soak in the scalding hot water that turned our dog tags an ugly black color. I guess it was the amount of sulphur in the water that was the culprit. Other than that and coming out looking like a red lobster, the trip by bus from Sendai to Mt Zao took about half a day and the hotel rooms were nice and covered by floor mats. The number of mats in a room determined the size of the room as they were made from woven rice straws and very delicate. This is the outside of the hotel–you can see a lady in her hotel room in the picture.



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