Ohio State lost to Penn State and I think it is a good thing for both teams. Now, OSU knows there are teams out there who can beat them and Penn State knows they don’t have to play second-fiddle to anybody.

I could live the rest of my life and have enough left over to pay cash for new everything for each of my kids with the money that changed hands after that game ended. For those who bet a bundle on Penn State, congratulations on becoming the new millionaire in town.

Some of the books I have written are shown here. Of these, only two are still available. A Place to Live is about the small village and the people who lived there from 1848 until 1989. Each family has a write up about it and some have more information than others. You might find it interesting if you are interested in genealogy, and life in small towns. The other book, My Life as Abraham Lincoln, is about some of my experiences in life being named Abraham Lincoln, after my cousin, President Lincoln.

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A Place to Live

By Abraham Lincoln

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Paperback, 148 pages


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My birthplace, Gordon, Ohio, was thought to be the place to live in Darke County, Ohio. It was carved out of a vast wilderness that was ripe with wolves, bear and screaming panthers. Newspaper columns proclaimed its potential and how it would become a big town—larger than Arcanum and rivaling Greenville, the county seat.

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My Life as Abraham Lincoln

By Abraham Lincoln

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Paperback, 149 pages


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My Life as Abraham Lincoln is a collection of words that best describe some of the people and places and things that I have experienced in my life. Being named after the 16th US President has added a unique notch to my handle on life. You will be surprised at how much you don’t know about this Abraham Lincoln.

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Baby Kitty

He is no longer with us but he was special when he was here. He spent about 6 years with us while our daughter and granddaughter lived here. He was a big, black cat, and while he did bite me the first time I met him, we both learned to get along and became best friends.



Renoir’s farmhouse, at Collettes, is framed by the sinuous branches of an ancient olive tree. Similar views today shows that very little has changed. Some of the olive trees are thought to be over 500 years old.

painter-renoir The steps on the right lead past a raised bed of irises and pink and red ivy-leaved trailing pelargoniums. Renoir’s hands and feet became crippled with rheumatism, he continued to paint out of doors in the south of France.

He was frequently seen in his garden at Les Collettes, where he painted and had frequent visits from artists including Monet, Modigliani, Matisse and Rodin. When Rodin asked Madame Renoir what her husband’s favorite flowers were, she replied, ‘There are no rare flowers here, but marguerites next to the Mimosa. My husband likes common or garden flowers. ‘

This material was garnered from The Impressionist Garden by Derek Fell. The book was sent to me by Julie and Stewart Mackinder from England.

Thanking them again.
Abraham Lincoln


P1050538-2 Monks in cold, dark, damp, oil-lit cells, scratch their heads after making ink, cutting quills and scraping goatskin until it is as smooth as a virgin’s face; and in despair, pace back and forth, until their toes get cold and stiff on straw sandals. It is time to begin again. Monks write on desks inclined at 60 degrees – I know you didn’t know that.
   They stood while writing and the Scriptorium was filled with however-many monks the monastery could afford, plus one "reader." These were scribes and the reader spoke the lines to be written as he walked back and forth – letter by letter and not word by word. The reader was a looker and while reading and walking he looked at each monk’s parchment to make sure the last letter was being artfully made by each scribe in the room.
   All knew a bare back was flayed if the work was finished and then an error was found. A simple spelling mistake cost the monks a break though they all stood at attention while the offending error was scraped off the parchment and replaced with the proper sequence of letters. Then 6 to 9 stripes, with a knotted whip – a penance deserved was meted out. It was a cruel time – this book making business.
   Nobody could read and books like the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells were decoration – Holy works never studied but held in a prominent place for all to see. The Vikings defaced many such books – ripping off raised gold initials before the heathens discovered this gold began to rub off. Upset over bags of worthless loot, the next time the invaders swung swords through arms, legs, heads and stomachs and left the good books on the shelves.
   The great Book Of Kells, done by four different scribes and riddled with errors still looks good today. I used to spend hours doing initials, some were gilded in 23k gold but what the purpose was never really occurred to me. If we have to give an accounting of our time here on Earth then I have a lot of explaining to do.


Chris with one of the greyhounds he adopted and brought home. When Patty got up out of bed she had to gingerly step around the 12 legs/feet on the floor.