Melinda and Noah’s cat, Opie. He is a lovely cat but had a strong urge to sometimes attack Melinda and bite her. I am not sure if he still does that or not but I hope not.

Coopers Hawk


A splendid looking hawk perched on my stone wall watching for an unwary bird to land. They also listen for the sparrows, for example, to make excited sounds while trying to hide on the interior of thick boxwood bushes. Once spotted the sparrows seldom escape but I have seen them fly out the side of the bush was the hawk works his way down into the bush from the top or bottom. I just think the color on this picture is outstanding.


I have only seen the Progressive Bee Fly one time on my fence and I had my camera and took this picture. I have never seen another one.

Pachinko Man


A man sits and waits on children to wake up and bring their pennies (smallest denomination of money in Japan) to play the pachinko machine. The Japanese are fond of pachinko and there are entire stores with the machines making a lot of noise as the round metal balls fall from the top to the bottom of the machine. Something like out pinball machines. This man was sitting beside his pachinko machine having just crossed the Hirose River.


Only one of these men (who are dressed like women) is a real woman. Can you figure out which one it is?


You could go to downtown Atlanta, Georgia and look at or buy a Negro slave at this auction house.


I saw this moth once and got two photos of it before it flew away. It is the largest moth I have ever seen.


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