Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole eating an orange I cut in half.

A stunning bird about the size of an American Robin is often seen high up in tall trees feeding in insects on leaves. They also like to eat fruit and things like fresh oranges. When they are in the area I can slice an orange in half and poke the halves on a stick (pointed dowel rod) and in a few minutes a Baltimore Oriole will appear and begin to devour the orange. Squirrels also eat the pulp if any is left after the Orioles leave. A beautiful bird with an interesting song.


Custer’s Last Stand
© By Abraham Lincoln

Patty is related to General George Armstrong Custer. The tombstones are located about half way down the bluff between the top and the river below.

Custer’s men are still here at this place along the river. Their last battle was fought here — Custer sent Major Reno to attack the Indian camp on the Little Big Horn River; they expected to kill as many Indians as they could, but the camp was like a large hornet’s nest and Reno had just stirred it up. The troop fled back across the river and made a stand on the bluffs. The photo we took shows the isolation of the battlefield in Montana.

custer_battlefield_little_big_hornThey had no shelter but used soupspoons to scratch depressions in the ground just big enough to offer some protection from withering rifle fire. We saw those depressions 100 years after they were made—still in the ground.

The Indians could shoot their arrows up and let them fall, like hail, wounding and killing men. Soldiers were falling like flies—dodging bullets, arrows and lances. Their long ordeal, to hold off the Indians, had just started. General Custer was a mile or so away, and was being circled by Indians bent upon killing him and his soldiers.

Since my wife is related to General George Armstrong Custer we wanted to take a trip to Montana and see where her 4th cousin had died 100 years earlier. And it was a surprise to me — I could feel the isolation on the bluffs and realized the Little Big Horn River, below, was the water many soldiers got killed trying to get a drink from.

You could hear the grass as it rustled in the breeze. The Indians chose The Little Big Horn River as a place to make their camp.  There was shade along the river and the water was good; and, there was plenty of grass for their horses.

On that fateful day, General Custer was surrounded by Indians and died there with all of his men.

The Inner Office


This is my boss. She is very attractive young lady. She looks good on or off the telephone but I have had some withering phone calls from her and I must admit I shrunk and sweated. Her name is Mrs. Efron and she insisted I spell it right so I wrote it on the picture. She brings her baby to work with her and the baby has this compulsion to suck and she sucks and makes sucking noises when she sucks. I admit it is distracting to try and get anything done when I can hear what sounds almost like a mechanical engine pumping out sucking sounds.

Mrs. Efron doesn’t care much for me. She insists on calling me, Mr. Grumpy, and sends people to the front desk looking for me but, by the name, Mr. Grumpy. I was in the process of doing an interview with a middle aged lady (one of my daughters) when I heard this sucking sound and found it very distracting. I picked up my phone and called Mrs. Efron and complained that she would have to shut the baby sucking sounds off. She slammed the phone down and came storming into my office with the sucking baby under one arm. I was somewhat astonished to see her jaunty stance and intimidating glare.

Then I noticed Mrs. Efron was sticking the back end of a ball point pen in the baby’s mouth and adjusting it just right until the sucking sounds were restored.

She fired me for laughing.

If we listened to the politicians or the people who have the most to lose in piece time, you get opinions that are mind boggling. We are spreading our Democracy around the world and selling war paraphernalia encouraging the have-nots to take what they want from those who got it.

Some go to extremes to keep the cash turning over and sell the nation on WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that a depraved dictator will unload on us who are among the innocents. The problem was there were no WPD in Iraq but Sadam lost his palaces. his loot and eventually he was hung the way he hung people when he was in power.

Iraq is still not a place to go on a honeymoon and the nation is about worn out like a pair of old shoes whose soles disappeared in the sands of the Middle East.

Passing Ideas


We used to have our patio covered. We liked the idea of a patio where we could step outside to eat, talk or have a cool beer on a hot day.

So the first thing I did was lay patio paving blocks on sand as a floor and around the outside edges, dug holes and filled them with concrete to set the posts on.

In those days I had enough money to do almost anything I wanted to do so I decided to add this roof covering the patio and then I put the railing up and added a ceiling and eventually a ceiling fan as the sun baked down on this southwest corner and there was no place really for the built up heat to escape. So we would turn on the ceiling pan and try to blow the heat off but it never really worked.

This is just one of dozens of additions I made to our new house when we moved in. I built a fish pond with a Japanese curved bridge and that lasted a while until it was taken down and given to my then brother-in-law. The fishpond and small running stream were broken up and carted away.

If you visited us now, there is no indication that we had a roof over the patio, and the fish pond with the running stream of water and bridge, you couldn’t find it or any evidence that it was ever here.




2016-02-04 09.22.22It was 28 degrees this morning in Brookville when I got up and got out to my office. There is frost on the roofs and the squirrels are looking for spilled seeds to eat. They can get into the bird feeder but it Is hard for them to hang on so they are not there long before they drop off. To keep them happy and well-fed, I toss out raw peanuts as well as peanuts (unsalted of course) in the shells because squirrels were built to use their super-sharp teeth to cut through things as hard as walnut shells, they like to open the peanut shells to eat the peanuts inside.


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