Honest Abe Lincoln


on_televisionThis was a publicity photograph taken in West Palm Beach, Florida and was used on items sold by the television stations that ran the 13-week television series I wrote and hosted for Parker Pen Ltd. That was a long time ago and I still have some fond memories of doing that series and the huge house I lived in at Del Rio. It was laced with paintings by the masters—from Picasso to Rembrandt.

And this is an example of me working on letters of the alphabet while being televised live. Those were the days.


Never Satisfied


I have the misfortune of never being satisfied; instead of buying one yellow legal pad I have to buy a dozen wrapped in plastic. I cannot buy just one ballpoint pen because the store only sells them in boxes of one dozen (12) and, they refuse to open a box and sell just one. Office Depot was among the first to take away the buying choice of “one” pencil, one paper pad, or one of anything unless it was a machine, office chair, or a “U” shaped desk. Office Depot, back in the day, had their floor stacked with boxes of paper that contained wrapped reams of paper used in making copies on a Xerox machines.

I remember the day they displayed their first “computer.” The salesman was a friend of mine and he liked it so much that he bought one for his mother to use. I had him demonstrate how to use it and was dumbstruck. I was in the mail order business then and we had catalogs printed with items we were selling and giving away to people who wrote letters to us asking for a catalog. I learned that I could buy a laser paper printer and stacks of folded printer and the computer would keep printing the catalogs, one after another until it ran out of paper or needed an ink cartridge change. The only thing we had to do was tear the sprocket wheel sides of the paper and separate one catalog from the next. That’s how we did it for several years.

I was never satisfied with the whole process up until the “Remington” computer printed more than just words. And then a new company came out with an computer called the Apple II Plus (Apple II Plus we bought is shown above). I bought one and then had to buy an monitor, because it didn’t come with one, since it didn’t come with one and then I had to buy two extra-large external disks that contained the operating system and or the program I wanted to use. Never being satisfied kept me up to date in the emerging technology world and made balancing our business checkbook hard to do. We were never audited but worried about it because we were learning what was deductible and what was going to get us into trouble if we declared it.

Abe’s Part Indian


I have always had a passion for things Indian. I grew up wanting to make bows and shoot arrows high up into the sky until they disappeared from sight and then hope they didn’t stick into my head when they came back down. I have done that many times without getting killed and I considered that was something I could do that was as brave as anything any Indian would do.

I am now 80 years old. My hands are as soft as a baby butt and I do not have whiskers growing on the end of my nose like so many old folks do. And I do not have a mustache like some old ladies, I know, have. I like computers and use them and programs like Photoshop to create things using some of the photos I take. This one, for example, was taken with the camera on my iMac. I just sat there and pushed the button and out popped this image. It was, more or less, just an original photo and any Indian worth his salt would have to make his face over to look a bit different.

Since I do not wear feathers and I have to scalp locks laying around, I decided to make use of Photoshop to create the image shown on this post. It makes a pretty good looking image for an old dude like me. LOL


I have COPD. It is hard to breathe and I have to use oxygen to live. I have a portable oxygen concentrator that I pull behind me when I go outside. When I am inside I use an oxygen concentrator and a cannula to breathe. I used to be the kind of person that when I thought about planting something I would or could jump up and dig a hole and plant it. Now I can’t even jump up and for a long time it took all of my energy just to walk to the table to eat dinner or to walk to the bathroom. I smoked for 47 years and thought it would never bother me because it never did. But then as I tried to do something I had to breathe harder or it took more energy to get my breath. I liked to ride my mountain bike and that got so hard for me to do that I gave it up and haven’t been on it since; and I miss riding my bike.

Me and Pepper Jax

Abe and Pepper Jax

This dog is great and I am so glad that we stopped at the animal shelter in Greenville, Ohio, found him and brought him home. He doesn’t know it but with a license for Darke County, I had to pay the shelter a total of $70.00 US Dollars for him. Fortunately, we have a larger than normal backyard that is completely fenced in so wildlife has to fly to get in or be able to use their claws to climb up and over the 6 foot tall board fence. Sometimes a rabbit will find a hole under the fence and crawl through and the dog sees the holes, smells them, but so far has not enlarged them so he can get through.

I would give almost anything to have our beloved, Autumn Eve, back. She was a magnificent Toy Fox Terrier but she grew into a full-size fox terrier—while her sister who was adopted by the neighbors across the street, remained a tiny, Toy Fox Terrier, she named Cuddles, we loved Autumn just as much. The lady across the street used to pick Cuddles up and carry her outside to pee and then she would cuss like a pirate to hurry her up to pee or poop. When she died, the owner had her cremated and she has left instructions to put her box of ashes in her casket when she dies and is buried.

1024-puppysgravestone-0714abe_pat_autumnPatty and me with our wonderful Toy Fox Terrier, Autumn Eve.

Our backyard is filled with graves that I dug in order to bury our dogs. I made one tombstone for Puppy (and she was a different and sad story) who is buried here too. She had been brutalized by school kids and our daughter saw her with a mangled and broken rear leg, snatched her up and took her to the vet to have her leg fixed. The vet spent a lot of time just picking out pieces of broken bone and then fitted her with a steel leg brace so she could still get around by dragging the braced leg.Ultimately, in the end, the pieces of bone kept working out through the sky and the dog would cry when it happened. We would take her back to the vet and finally the vet said he could no longer get the pieces out and she had to be put to sleep. I felt so sorry for that dog and the short life that she had and how man’s best friend was treated.   Photos below shows the brace and the sweet smile she had. She got to live with us for about 3 years.

puppycrip puppy5

We Voted

Chris and Rita with Mom and Dad

Patty and I voted by absentee ballot and mailed it in some time ago. I see some of those people on television who are running for office and their commercials turned me off. I am sure glad I didn’t vote for any of them. I vote for the person and not for the party and I think Patty does too. I am getting anxious to find out who ends up winning and losing.

Dentist Appointment

I don’t much like going to the dentist but went last week and had my teeth cleaned. The dentist found a spot on a tooth that he had filled in 2013 and told me to come back today and he would refill it free. So I have an appointment today at 10:30 AM.

I am always wondering how people pulled their teeth back before there were dentists around. My dad did not have any teeth and was with my mother (before I was born) when he had a toothache and went to the dentist in Lewisburg, Ohio. He was given a shot of whiskey and the dentist pulled the tooth. I guess it hurt so much that he told the dentist to pull all of his teeth and the dentist refused but my day made the dentist so mad that he ended up walking out without a single tooth in his head. My mom said the first thing he did when he got outside was put a wad of Mail Pouch chewing tobacco in his mouth, and spit some blood and drove back home. He ended up having three sets of false teeth but only wore a set long enough to visit the bus station where he would meet and pick up some woman he had sent money to, so she would come to Dayton to meet my dad. If, after getting her home, and taking his false teeth out, she didn’t like him or he didn’t like her, he would take her back down to the bus station in Dayton and buy her a ticket to get her back home. They slept together that one night and I was never around to know what happened to any of them but they all came and went back except Marie, the last one, who stayed with him until after he had died and was buried. They she left and disappeared. I was in the Army and was not there when they sold his household goods and the two building lots he owned and the house he had lived in. When I got home the house belonged to someone else.