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I got my best 70-200mm lens out and stuck it on the Canon Rebel T3i and took a picture of this wind chime.

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I had never been drunk

kamakura4I had never been drunk until I was sent to Japan and went to town and walked into a Japanese/American bar. I was offered anything I could pronounce—from screwdriver to saki. I had not heard of either so I began with a screwdriver and it tasted good. Then I drank a saki but it was not in a shot glass but was on a tiny saucer and you had to suck it in from the saucer. By the time I had one or two and stood up to go to the bathroom, I found myself struggling to get back on my feet. Everyone was laughing at me. I was drunk, 9,000 miles from home, and didn’t have a clue about getting from the floor to my barracks bed back at camp. But I made it because I woke up the next morning and stood reveille.

Peeing in the grass

I think it does anyone some good even if they don’t have mental health issues, to go outside and pee in the grass. The people going to Oregon did that and a few other things and nobody saw anything unusual about it. I was wondering if the local police could do anything about me peeing in my back yard since it is enclosed with a 6 foot high board fence?

Worked almost all day yesterday getting Patty’s PC to run right. Had to take off a ton of malware. Today, she clicked on something and got it all over again. Maybe not quite as bad. Melissa worked on it most of the day. I realized, finally, that I had an original Windows 7 Disk and we used that to reinstall Windows 7.

How I Write Part II

First of all I will begin trying different tools — pencils, ballpoints, fountain pens, and sometimes a small pointed marker. The fountain pens causes me to write more memories — the way things used to be. Ballpoints makes me finger/fondle the pen more than anything else and i usually use them to write in journals or books as the paper in them is seldom calendared and the fountain pens will bleed the ink into the paper fibers. So the alternative is a ballpoint.

Ballpoints are something you don’t want to stick in your mouth as some ballpoint pen ink contains arsenic which would not be good for your diet. Some cost a lot of money. Mount Blanc is one I have and use with a broad nib in it. It is like writing on a cloud compared to the free or cheap ball pointed pens that are so widely available. The current price is close to $935.00 for the Fountain pen that I use. I have the La Grande model. I also have the ballpoint and noted it is now $420.00.

Then somewhere in this time period I will think about something and then write a short story about it. Some go in the weekly newspapers and some just go in the computer — in an external hard drive.


How I Write. . .

My mind is always filled with my experiences over my lifetime—these 80 years. I surely have a good memory and really do not forget anything. The things I write about are always there on the tip of my tongue waiting for something I see or on somebody to say something that puts my memory to work and I will begin writing.

I like to write with a pencil on yellow paper pads like legal pads but will often switch to a fountain pen because the feel is unique and ink is a lot more permanent than pencil. I am often inspired by some scene on television and will jot down a note to think about writing about that the next day.

I do my best writing in the morning before breakfast. Once I eat I can still write but it isn’t very creative writing—it is more like technical writing to me if I have a full stomach.

I can drink coffee all day long but have to switch to decaf as regular has too much caffeine and that makes my heart jump around and I already take medicine for that so I don’t like to provoke another heart/lung episode.

Some people talk to me and mention something that brings back a flood of memories. But if it reminds me of a friend who is dead then I try to change the subject. If you have ever stood around watching and waiting for a person to die then you know what those conversations are like to stand there and listen to. Something made me think of funerals…

I am not much for funerals. It’s almost barbaric to walk past an expensive box lined with silk and lace and see somebody I once knew. I prefer memories of me and them when we did something together and have no desire to remember them, reeking of formaldehyde, dressed up like a mannequin in a department store window. All the powder and paint in the world doesn’t make them look good to me. I never saw a good looking dead person in my life.

My wife and I have talked about our deaths and what we would like to have done with our bodies. We are not for the sideshow with all the trimmings but would like to be cremated. All you need is a death certificate and your family doctor should be able to fill one out on the spot.

Your ashes can be dumped anywhere or kept in a jar or box with our names and dates stuck on the side somewhere. It is a lot cheaper if you deal with the crematorium instead of a funeral home because some funeral homes will embalm the body before it is cremated and charge you for that–you don’t need to be embalmed if you are going to be cremated. Some crematoriums will let you sit and wait or come back and pick up the still warm ashes and take them home with you. You want to be in charge when somebody picks up your body and takes it to be cremated.

So, if you take care of the body yourself and bypass the funeral home you are saving money.



We got more nuts on the ground than are in Congress, including the crowd in the Oval Office. Our nuts are Acorns from our White Oak Tree. We waited on this tree for at least 10 years until the tree decided it was time to shower us with big Acorns. We got a yard full and then some and they sound like hail stones when they fall off and hit the house. Some squirrels will take the time to peel off the outer shell and expose the raw nut itself but then seem reluctant to eat it but will nibble on it and leave it to lay. Our patio looks like the factory floor of a nut factory with a scoop shovel full of nuts and nut debris. I sweep it into piles and threaten to do something with it but then my daughter, Melinda, said she would take them and feed her backyard squirrels who would welcome real acorns instead of corn on the cob.


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